The Immortal City

TheOrlando Science Center has collaborated with members of the Central Florida Watercolor Society to create work with a Pompeii theme.


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Vera Gubnitskaia is an artist working and residing in Winter Park, Florida. Vera works in oil, pastel, and dry media, and has a particular love for watercolor. Vera has exhibited in multiple art shows in Central Florida: Central Florida Watercolor Society, Albin Polasek Museum, Casselberry Rotary, Mount Dora Paint-Out, The Center for the Arts, Winter Garden Art Association, Crealdé School of Art Fellows and Student exhibits, and Artscape. Vera designed cover art for several printed poetry collections and online magazines. Her watercolors have been published in several online periodicals. Vera is currently an art fellow at Crealdé School of Art and a member of the Central Florida Watercolor Society. For more information, visit vera-gubnitskaia-art.blogspot.com.

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“Vulcan Watching”
Watercolor, gouache, ink., 2020

My first favorite childhood book had been “Legends and Myths of the Ancient Greece”, which I first read when I was 7, and re-read since then a few dozen times. I memorized the names and “professions” of gods and heroes, their adventures, strengths, and weaknesses. Ancient Rome was another fascination, which was when I learned that Romans “borrowed” many of their gods from Greeks. Hephaestus (a prototype for Roman Vulcan) attracted my attention from the early age because he was an artist, an amazing craftsman, who (in my opinion) was severely underestimated by his fellow gods and humans. His Roman successor, Vulcan, also a god of fire, was known for causing the earth rumble and volcanoes erupt. In my painting, I imagined a strong magnificent fire god looking down at the city being destroyed as a volcano rains timbers, hot ash, and lava.